Social workshops – the activation of seniors at vocal & acting sessions

June – July 2021

Support from the Cultural Centre in Zabierzów

Małgorzata Krzysica

Seniors from Kobylany and Bogusławice were the target group. Workshops were based on work with musicians and acting improvisations on the assigned topic. The selection of texts and songs for the performance allowed participants to convey their message and personal experience. It is an attempt to show universal human dramas and to convey one’s feelings and reflections in the simplest and most beautiful way.


– Love – what it is, how to describe, show and present it. Kinds of love. Human stories and dramas.
– Longing – a weakness or strength / artistic means of telling about it.
– Death and parting – an attempt to convey one’s own experiences in the presence of witnesses.

fot. Magda Rymarz

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More information soon!

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