The Parade
START 27.06

Join the herd of animals following and listening to the heroes, and participate in the story of Orfeo and Majnun and their great loves.

ver the course of several months, hundreds of people of all ages will build animal dolls and masks designed by Roger Titley, before gathering together on 20 June for a city parade that will accompany the Wianki – Make Music Day – Fête de la Musique!

At a certain stage of the tale, Orfeo and Majnun’s only audience for their music were animals. The joy and peace of this group creates a utopian image of a peaceful society united under a musical spell. Mythical creatures and animals carry a plethora of meanings as they are involved in the ancient myths and legends of various cultures, thanks to which why everyone can relate to them, independent of age and background. Recalling the histories of Orfeo and Majnun is simultaneously an invitation to create figures of animals and other creatures from the world of myth, and to take them to the streets to enjoy together the variety of creation, and the power of poetry and music. Young and old, adults and children, take part in the process of building animal figures, learning their specific moves, and finally participating in a city parade.

If you haven’t yet discovered the story of Leila and Majnun, or Eurydice and Orfeo, come and listen to our storytellers who will acquaint you with the vicissitudes of the hapless lovers. Plunge into the world of our four heroes and their accompanying sorrows: the eagle, lynx, rabbit, raven, dolphin, and other animals.

If you’d like to join the parade with your own doll but haven’t made it yet, don’t worry. We will be holding doll-making workshops in the Small Market Square before the start of the parade, to animate as many animals as possible for the procession around the Cloth Hall.

Follow the Bull, the Cerberus, the Camel, and the Pegasus: four gigantic dolls leading the procession of Orfeo and Majnun. In the very heart of Kraków, we will celebrate love; the love of nature and people, a love that can combat loss and longing, as the histories of our protagonists prove. This visual pageant and series of community art workshops will crown the entire Orfeo & Majnun project. Come and celebrate love with us!


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