Social workshops – conversations on freedom with persons affected by homelessness

May – July 2021

Sztuka Łączenia [Art of Connection] Foundation

Justyna Arabska, Małgorzata Jakubowska, Julia Dyga, Roman Gancarczyk, Marcin Kalisz, Martyna Krzysztofik, Jerzy Światłoń, Franciszek Szumiński, Iga Kopiec

The project consisted in conducting workshops with persons affected by homelessness on how they understand freedom. During the workshops, the Verbatim interview method was used. Because of the character of workshops and the epidemiological situation, meetings were held individually.

Fragments of statements taken from completed interviews were used for making podcasts. Every podcast tells how freedom is perceived by the interviewee concerned. Five such podcasts were recorded by professional actors and provided with music setting. Subsequently, podcasts were made available in public podcast libraries: Spotify, Google Podcasts or Anchor.

Links to podcasts:–Zbyszek-1-e14r8mq

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More information soon!

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