Open call for the organisation of community workshops


As part of the production of Orfeo & Majnun international project, the Kraków Festival Office (KBF) has announced an open call: we are looking for people ready to run artistic workshops that creatively interpret the notions of Love / Loss / Longing (Miłość / Strata / Tęsknota) linked to the myths of Orpheus and Eurydice, and Manjun and Leila. The workshops will be run as a series from January to June 2020, and we welcome everyone to participate, including people at risk of everyday social exclusion.


Visual artists, culture animators, instructors, art teachers and therapists, activists and educators – everyone capable of running a series of events in institutions/organisations with workshop groups (whether proposed by themselves of the organiser), including people from socially excluded groups, are invited to participate in the project.


The tasks of workshop managers will include:

  • designing the concept of work with a given group/institution
  • running a series of creative workshops with the agreed group of participants
  • integration of the workshop group, full use of both its social and cultural potential
  • presentation of the results of the work during the parade or June open-air shows
  • participation in and presentation of a short summary during the networking idea exchange events for all workshop managers of the Orfeo & Manjun project.


The key objectives of the workshops are:

  • integration of artists/animators with participants/recipients
  • developing a shared field of creative pursuits
  • preparation of a display of the final work (or another form of presentation of the results) during the parade or June open-air presentations. The parade will be held on 20 June 2020, as an integral part of Wianki / Casting of the Wreaths // Fête de la Musique / World Music Day
  • activation of a cooperating group/institution (culture centres, day centres, clubs, organisations, etc.) to participate in the presentation of final results during the parade.

The workshops qualified for implementation will be held from January to June 2020.