August of Diversity and Community in Kraków


Children’s workshops, guided tours, concerts, worksheets for kids – August belongs to the Orfeo & Majnun project, turning Kraków into a metropolis of diversity, fun and intertwining cultures from all corners of the globe. The international project presents a diverse programme bringing together generations to learn and play in the space of our multicultural city.

The international project Orfeo & Majnun was inspired by two major myths of the heritage of the East and the West. Although on the face of it Orpheus and Eurydice and Leila and Majnun appear very different, they explore the same themes. Love, longing, grief, hope… regardless of geography, culture, class or skin colour they always have the same effect: they either give us wings to soar or bring us crashing down to earth.

“Postponed from last year, Orfeo & Majnun returns in a new format and we are really proud of the final project. The concept is really close to our ideals: it is all about bringing people together and finding a common denominator in different cultures and beliefs,” says Izabela Błaszczyk, director of KBF. “This beautiful celebration of diversity takes on a concrete shape during numerous walks in the footsteps of multiculturalism in Kraków, workshops and classes for kids, and for a public dance during Kraków Culture Summer – a brand-new cultural event coming to Jordana Park in Kraków in August.”

Comprising many elements bringing together different age groups, the project explores myriad issues and tells stories which will resound all over the city throughout August. This year’s instalment of the project is illustrated by photos of the Grey Mouse collection designed by Marta Pilas, graduate from the SAPU Design School in Kraków and presenting masks and puppets of animals made by Roger Titley and Vero Schürr. The results of the photo session are presented at the exhibition at Zgody 7 (until 19 September 2021) and in glass cabinets in the city space.

Children’s workshops at Zgody 7 

Children’s workshops held at Zgody 7 in Nowa Huta throughout August continue the tradition of Sunday morning activities (11am) and focus on exploring feelings and emotions. Led by Anna Kwiatkowska, the art workshops help young participants understand the importance of feelings and emotions, and how they vary depending on age, skin colour, origin or location – or do they..? Can art help someone facing difficulties? What is the role of animals and nature in our lives? How do we make an emotion tree? Every Sunday, the host helps young participants find answers to these and other pressing questions.

Registration required.

Concerts and workshops at Jordana Park as part of Kraków Culture Summer

The final month of the summer holidays is held under the banner Kraków Culture Summer, featuring important elements of the Orfeo & Majnun project.

There are plenty of kids’ and adults’ workshops in making fantastic masks, familiar from photos and exhibitions throughout the city. All participants will make their own mask, decorate it according to their tastes and take it home. Kids get whisked off to magical lands at the “Fairytales of the World” literary meetings, exploring stories of Africa and Australia and the animals they describe to learn more about different cultures. The Dose of Painting workshops are a great opportunity to contribute to the creation of a vast artwork. Adults and children come together to make a huge painting out of modules prepared by young hospital patients. The August event calendar also includes ECO Workshops: Orfeo & Majnun. They are focused on the environment: participants will learn how to protect nature and use its resources responsibly. Organised by the Aeris Futuro Foundation.

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We all know that music is a universal language bringing people together regardless of nationality, colour or beliefs. The organisers host concerts combined with dance and fun in the open air to dance rhythms.

The Orefo & Majnun stage welcomes Chłopcy Kontra Basia, hugely popular with fans in Kraków and throughout Poland. The four musicians and Basia the vocalist base their music on a journey through folk motifs and tales, all with a contemporary jazz stylistics.

Musicians from Kapela Tęgie Chłopy continue dance music traditions from the Kielce region in their pure, unadulterated form – join them for fun and carousals! They model themselves on traditional bands performing at countryside weddings and fairs. Tęgie Chłopy raise the roof until the early hours – but take care in case their wind section of trumpets, clarinet and tuba blows the roof clean off!

Asia Nawojska takes the audience on a journey to a beautiful world intertwining classical, alternative and folk music. Winner of the 1st Prize at the 53 Student Song Festival, she writes moving compositions about people and their intangible dreams. She is accompanied by piano and strings.

All three concerts are held on 20 August.

If you’re interested in making as well as listening to music, come to workshops hosted by Recycling Band where you’ll learn how to make instruments from waste products. We’ll make drums, maracas and rattles of all sizes, tambourines, trumpets and simple mini harps. During the finale participants join the hosts in a performance playing their new instruments.

Workshops are held on 15 August.

Registration required.


Walks for children and adults


Kraków has always been associated with freedom, tolerance and diversity. These themes are followed by walking groups whose guides take participants on a number of surprising routes. Participants discover the lives of foreigners in Kraków of old, religious diversity in the royal city and stories of Cracovian feminists, artisans, merchants, families and even drunks. The groups explore Kraków’s districts on the trail of inventions, myths and disasters.

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We have prepared four multicultural walks for the youngest Cracovians. Barbara Polarczyk takes kids on the trail of Japan in Kraków, talks about Tatar invasions, presents fascinating Jewish culture and explains why all roads lead to Kraków. Young participants complete “Discover Kraków” worksheets helping them gain a better understanding of issues they encounter during the walks and encouraging them to find answers and solve puzzles in the booklets.

Registration required.


All events held as part of the project are free, although some require registration. Full registration details and hours will be published on the event’s Facebook page in late July.